Wednesday, May 24, 2006

William Jefferson's rights are more important than yours.

According to Fox News, Rep. William Jefferson's office was raided on Saturday by the FBI to investigate allegations of corruption.

According to Wonkette the FBI has video of Jefferson receiving money from an unidentified man. This money is said to have been received in connection with favors for a Kentucky businessman. He then took the money and hid it in his freezer. WTF? Talk about cold hard cash! (I assume that paper has a freezing point, so it would eventually harden.)

But, what's more important here is that Dennis Hastert is defending Jefferson, saying that the FBI "took the wrong path" in investigating Jefferson. Okay, here's the thing, Hastert; why are you so quick to stand-up for a floundering, bribe-accepting politician? What's that? Oh... Hastert's under investigation now too, you say? That's interesting... I wonder what he's going to say. Maybe he'll say, that they've once again taken the wrong path and that "[the FBI] need(s) to back up, and we need to go from there."

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