Wednesday, April 05, 2006


So, I've made it through another week. I'm still worried about the week to come ("fun week" as I called it last time) but I am confident that things will fall into place. Today, a colleague of mine asked me, "How do you keep so many shows in your head at once? You must be going crazy!" I simply replied, "I am." But, do you want to know the truth? I like it. No matter how much I complain about stress, or fatigue, or lack of a good hot meal, I love what I do. As masochistic as it sounds, I love being pushed to the limit. To a certain extent, everyone in the entertainment industry loves to push themselves to the edge... That's when real creativity comes out.

Back to the real world... This week I will be ordering equipment for several clients, both rentals and purchases. My "upgrade" client has had a major budget cutback, but will still be getting a good number of new lights for their new venue. For Journey to the Cross I'll be getting lots of rental lights for use on the outdoor stations. I usually don't like to push rental requests back so late, but such is the nature of the event. I mean, for all I know it's going to rain, and then all of this hard work is for naught.

Forum is coming along nicely. I have some excellent students working with me, and thanks to their hard work, I am 99% cued for the show. All I have left for the final week is taking care of some tracking issues, and making sure that the director is happy with the overall look of the show. I feel confident that the show is going to be great.

This past week, I have learned a great many lessons about managing my time, and keeping my commitments with clients. I have a renewed dedication to my clients, and I hope that they can sense that I am 100% committed to getting them a superior product.

And then there's homework...

Light on!

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