Monday, May 08, 2006


Okay, so the immigrants protested. Big fucking deal. That's what the media made of it; a big fucking deal. Unfortunately as pointed out here by Peter Daou the media are very selective about what they choose to report. And, the reason is simple: The media is full of wimps, and hacks.

Think what you want about the immigration protests. Personally, I think that there are a lot of important issues that need to be discussed. The media, however, wants us to think that immigration is bigger than the Iraq war and any possible future with Iran.

Jason Pollock shares his feelings about what it was like to attend an immigration rally. I can appreciate his sentiment in that he rightfully says that the immigrants just seem to be more passionate than the anti-war protestors. But, the fact of the matter is that the anti-war protestors don't have the support of the media the same way that the immigrants did. The Spanish speaking media rallied attention for the protests long before they happened. On the other hand, I just learned yesterday that there was a largely overlooked peace rally in New York on April 29. Seriously. I didn't read it, and it certainly wasn't on the front page of the paper... not even below the fold.

What's happening to America when we can't unite to confront a war, which was based on lies from a liar, but half a million people (many of whom aren't even citizens) can rally to combat a bill that hasn't even passed yet? Maybe if the English speaking media takes some cues from their Spanish-language counterparts, we'll actually see some real action. But, as I said before, the media is too scared to talk about anything which could deepen anti-Bush, anti-war sentiments.

Well, thank God for the internet, I guess. At least while the mainstream media are cupping Bush's neo-con ball sack, bloggers can try their best to inform the public about what's really happening.

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