Thursday, May 04, 2006


I know... two blogs in one day is a bit much, but I've got to chime-in again on this issue.

I am getting sick of people saying, "Illegals are taking our jobs." I'm not going to spout off about how they are doing jobs that nobody wants to do. You hear that crap all the time.

But, let me say this. I know that one job they are not taking is begging for money with cardboard signs. That job is exclusively American. I just wonder what you think about this: Go to any freeway off-ramp in Southern California and tell me what you see. I see a homeless person begging for money with a cardboard sign. Right next to him is a (probably) illegal immigrant selling fruit, or flowers. Now, you tell me where the problem lies. The fact of the matter is that regardless of legal status, or national origin, you have to be resourceful to survive in America. Those who try the hardest and are willing to do crap work for little money are going to make more money than those who aren't willing to do something because it's "below them".

Decide for yourself, but that's a fact.

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