Saturday, July 29, 2006

WTF are we thinking?

So... Maybe you've heard about this little thing happening in Lebanon. Yeah, I guess Israel is pissed off at Hezbollah for taking some prisoners captive... whatever! Why can't we all just get along. But seriously, I know that you think you know what I am talking about; but do you really know? First, let's start with a map: Crisis Map.

Now that you know what the place looks like, we can get down to business. As you know, Bush and his usual gang of richy-rich homeboys are getting behind Israel. Others (Including the Lebanese people) are getting behind Hezbollah. It couldn't be more straightforward than this folks. Pick your horse... we're off to the World War III races. But, here's where you might get yourself in trouble. See... there are several things clouding the dabate. Perhaps we should clear them up before we continue.

First of all, a lot of people (read: Neo-Cons) are going to tell you that if you don't support Israel, you're a anti-semite. Let me just say that not only would the semantics police tell you that it's an improper use of the word anti-Semitic but it's also just flat-out not true. Just because you don't think that Israel has the right to bombard Lebanon willie-nilly doesn't mean that you hate the Jews.

Second; a lot of people are going to tell you that Iran is trying to fight a proxy war with the United States via Hezbollah. What? I'm confused already people, I mean, war? Proxy? Is this some kind of computer warfare? I'm pretty sure that Al Gore invented the internet, and last time I checked he was talking about global warming, not terrorism. Plus... who is Iran going to use all those "nuclear weapons" on if they take out the United States "via proxy"?

What can I say? Who really knows what's going to happen. This situation, as you probably guessed, is getting more complicated by the moment. With Bush and Blair shrugging at the idea of supporting a cease fire, and seeing as the "best" the U.S. can do is send-in Condeleeza Rice things certainly don't look as if they will be resolved on the wings of Western intervention. Who, then, will help the innocent Lebanese protect themselves against (another) Israeli occupation.

If have to ask myself, is Israeli occupation really what's best for Lebanon? Of course not. Now, ask yourself this: Is Hezbollah really a terrorist organization? While the West calls for disarming of all militias in Lebanon, is allowing Israeli invasion really the way to do it? Do we allow Lebanon to handle the crisis on their own?

The answer is complicated, but our response should not be a passive one. And, while UN peacekeeping doesn't have the best track record of late, it only seems a matter of time before a large enough majority of the international community call for intervention of some kind.

All I ask is that you Keep Informed, and QUESTION EVERYTHING.

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