Saturday, July 29, 2006

What about Israel?

Here's what I want to know: Why does Hezbollah get the terrorist stamp? I can understand why many in the West would see them as "terrorist"... a professional militia armed to the teeth ignoring international demands for cease-fire. But do they have a right to their arms? Is their behavior condoned by Lebanon? It seems that for the moment Lebanon seems to think that Hezbollah have overstepped their bounds, but they do have a job to do. It's true that the group has earned a great deal of respect in southern Lebanon for defending the area, and helping in its liberation from Israel. No wonder southern Lebanese and many other Lebanese people are backing the actions of Hezbollah.

But, back to my point; why isn't Israel considered a terrorist organization as well? Humanitarian aid to Lebanon is being blocked because the convoys fear Israeli Attack. What's going on here? Sounds like the Israelis are getting a bit trigger happy to me. Westerners seem to feel that Israel is more legitimate than Hezbollah because they are a country, and seem to have far more international support. Others claim that Hezbollah manipulates the media and uses it for their own benefit.

Look the bottom line is, we need to get help to the poor Lebanese civilians, whom have born the brunt of the attack from Israel.

Then of course there's the question of (as there always is when we are dealing with a 'middle eastern' crisis) how oil is involved. Michel Chossudovsky has pointed out the timely inaguration of the Ceyhan-Tblisi-Baku (BTC) oil pipeline, and its striking proximity to the current conflict. It's almost as if Israel has a vested interest in the success and strategic continuation of this pipeline... hmmm.... But, is this really another war about oil? Is Israel really fighting on behalf of the other oil hungry major nations? Only time will reveal the true intentions of Israel, and their Western supporters.

Let me leave you with this excerpt from Lebanese blogger Rampurple, whom is explaining his stance on the conflict as a whole, and his frustration with international and local reaction:

I own a house and have a family. I have always allowed my neighbors to come in to my house as they wish and use my house as a place for their social gatherings, feuds, etc. I realized that doing such a thing has been causing my children to do poorly in school. So I made a decision to close my doors, put up a fence around my house and concentrate more on my family. I tell my neighbors, I am sorry but it is time I concentrate of taking care of my family. If you guys need any support I will be there for you but not in my house anymore.

It’s my right to do so.

My children are actually the people dying in Lebanon at the moment. My children are actually the people who have worked so hard in order to reach somewhere in their lives and all of a sudden their lives have been placed on hold and/or their dreams diminished. My children are the people who like everyone else would like to plan their lives and not be in fear of a war being erupted at any time.

I am just sick of this whole situation and want it to be over.

I think it would be very difficult to argue with Rampurple's position. The fine people of Lebanon do not deserve to be little more than an epicenter for mideast crisis once again. This "war" isn't about Lebanese people, and it shouldn't have to be frought at their expense.

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